Author: Tom Burke

November 27, 2019 Fuel Theft by any other name
Call it ‘Fuel Congestion.’ Call it ‘Fuel Padding.’ Call it ‘Fuel Stretching.’ No matter what you call it, it all boils down to ‘Fuel Theft.’ When a contractor tells you [...]
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November 20, 2019 Got Relectors and Mudflaps?
One of Photector’s customers is a high-volume roadability maintenance and repair facility. They repair hundreds of trucks and trailers every day to make them roadworthy again. Most are small repairs that they [...]
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November 13, 2019 101 Ways Photector improves the transportation industry
There are countless ways to use Photector to protect the bottom line of your business.  Here are just a few to wet your appetite. Photector “before and after” photos are time, date and [...]
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November 6, 2019 Recovering Tough Claims Just Got Easier
In the five steps to recover tough claims mentioned in  3PL Perspectives’ article, step 2 is… “Document the Exception…Once the trailer is open, receiving needs to be on the watch [...]
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October 30, 2019 How To Finally Get Paid for Filthy Rental Returns
When rental trucks, trailers and equipment come back in unfit conditions, it disrupts your whole operation. You can’t rent it right back out in that condition. You’ve got to take [...]
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October 23, 2019 How To Reduce Truck Rental Damages with a Simple Pattern Interrupt
Let’s face it. Many folks who rent trucks drive cars. They aren’t used to the big trucks that take more room to maneuver, turn and park. That’s why equipment damage [...]
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October 16, 2019 Cash Customers, Expensive Rental Trucks and Blockchain Evidence
Cash customers can be a curse or a blessing when you consider that a customer gives you a few hundred dollars and drives off in a brand new, 5-figure box [...]
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October 9, 2019 Eating $15,000 in Rental Damages Really Hurts
A colleague worked in the truck leasing business for a well known company that had a big lease contract with a freight company. He told me lots of stories about [...]
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September 25, 2019 Container Interchange Changes Liability to You
“Container Interchange” is a transportation industry term for when a container, trailer or piece of equipment is passed between two parties. That’s an “interchange.” An “interchange” also passes the legal [...]
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September 18, 2019 Faking Damage Photos is Easy. Watch Out!
When thousands of dollars are at stake for equipment damage or container damage, don’t trust just any photos.  A 5th grader can fake photos these days. Anyone can fake photos [...]
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