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October 1, 2018

Collect Small-Dollar Claims without Lawyers and Law Suits

I found this article by Kelsea Eckert to be very enlightening…but incomplete.

Eckert, a transportation downtime collections attorney, wrote that small equipment damage claims add up to big bucks off a company’s bottom line. That comes as no surprise, as Photector’s research shows this is actually a $1.8 billion industry problem.

Her recommendation is to go outside the regular damage claims process used among shippers and carriers in the transportation industry and take claims to local small claims courts instead, where court costs would raise the out-of-pocket costs even more. But one thing’s for sure: If companies all along the supply chain adopt this approach, positive proof of damage–evidence–would be needed in a court of law.

Eckert may not be aware that there is now a new way to pursue these small dollar transportation claims without brushing them under the rug or resorting to lawyers and law suits.

Supply chain companies using the Photector app are able to show proof of when and where the damage occurred with immutable and irrefutable photographic evidence. Drivers snap up to 20 pictures on a phone or tablet, and it’s instantly locked in Photector’s tamper-proof Blockchain technology, including the date, time and GPS location. Claims are no longer based on who gives in first; guilt or innocence of each party can easily be determined. If a claim is filed, the evidence is retrievable on demand from the mobile app or desktop.

Anyone who’s ever flipped past a fashion ad knows how easy it is to alter a model’s appearance, date, time and location data in any photo editing app like Photoshop. It’s just as easy to make a container cut disappear with a couple of mouse clicks.

Companies who don’t adopt the Photector app remain tethered to the traditional collection methods Eckert recommends. But the proof (if there is any) may simply not be strong enough to hold up in court and may be too elusive to bother pursuing the claim. After all, no one wants to go to court and still get stuck paying for shipping-related damages when no liability exists.

Photector provides only the unaltered facts to all parties along the supply chain.

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