June 17, 2019

Demurrage Fees: Hidden Costs for Using Containers as Storage

Never heard of demurrage fees?  Then listen up!

Shipping containers are not free. They’re rented.  When you ship a load, the contract specifies a number of days after the load arrives to unload the container and return it. If you keep the container in your possession past that date, daily fees start to tack on to the cost of the shipment. These are called “demurrage.”

What’s worse, the daily rate may increase if you hold the container too long.  Fees start at $50-$250 per day then increase to $500 per day for “penalty” rates.

With this kind of big money on the line, there are often disputes about when a particular container arrived at its’ destination.  Don’t get stuck paying for any extra days or penalty fees if you don’t have to.

Use Photector to protect your company for any delivery date disputes.  Photector automatically captures the time, date, location and condition of each container with up to 20 photos.

This 52-second video shows how.

You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy Photector is to use.

With photos of the seal number, time, date and location stamp on each load, it is easy to solve delivery date disagreements and avoid dreaded demurrage fees.

Test drive Photector with a 14-day FREE Trial and schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration today!

Photector Is Changing The Way Companies Protect Themselves

  • Find out how to prevent damage claims you didn't cause
  • Squeeze more profit out of every trip
  • Save time, hassle & relationships
  • Securely Document the State of Equipment

What's a Photector Event?

A Photector Event is the combination of Date, Time, GPS Location, OCR, Blockchain, and up to 20 high resolution photographs.

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