October 30, 2019

How To Finally Get Paid for Filthy Rental Returns

When rental trucks, trailers and equipment come back in unfit conditions, it disrupts your whole operation.

You can’t rent it right back out in that condition. You’ve got to take it out of the rotation, pay someone to clean it, and then put it back in the lineup.

Often, the down time costs your business even more than the cleaning crew.

Some companies have increased their rental fees to cover these extra costs. But that makes it hard to stay competitive.

There is a better way!

Let’s stop the unfit behavior at the root cause–the drivers. Let’s not penalize all the customers with higher prices but instead charge only the culprits that are leaving excessive trash, garbage and other unfit conditions in the rentals.

To do that, you’ll need irrefutable proof that the rental was clean when it was picked up and unacceptably unfit when it came back.

That’s where Photector comes in.

In order to charge these customers for the cleaning and downtime successfully, you’ll need good records–photos of the clean condition when the driver took it out and photos of the unfit conditions when the driver brought it back.

Photector is a quick and easy way for rental agents to document the condition with up to 20 photographs when the rental leaves, complete with GPS location, time and date stamps, all saved in the Blockchain where no one can alter them. When the rental comes back in, agents take more photos of the condition.

Photo evidence removes all doubt about who is responsible. The “before and after” photos are key to stopping any “he said, she said” arguments.

With Photector in place, you can institute a new billing policy with cleaning fees and have the factual proof to share with customers about their drivers’ behavior to make the fees stick. Even a $100 fee will get their attention.

If a driver knows that “eyes are watching,” you are going to charge $100 to the company, and their boss is going to see the photos, then the driver will be more likely not to leave behind any unwanted conditions.

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