Law Firms & Law Offices - Use PHOTECTOR™ To Protect Your Clients

As a law firm it is important to have proof that is easily collected and easily stored. With PHOTECTOR all documents and evidence can be recorded using photos and uploaded to our dashboard to be viewed and cataloged by your law firm. Clients can use PHOTECTOR to photo document with GPS and timestamp any evidence they may have of a crime or claim being taken forth against another party or company and upload that directly into your law firms PHOTECTOR dashboard. PHOTECTOR is ready to give law firms the evidence and proof it needs to win cases.

Use PHOTECTOR in law firms, law offices including:


  • Photos of all documents relating to a case
  • Document any evidence related to the case
  • Keep track of all paperwork for lawyers and clients
  • Easily access all case information that has been uploaded
  • Easily document changes in circumstances
  • and much more… (the possibility are endless!)

PHOTECTOR is Easy to Use

Just point, shoot and submit!  PHOTECTOR automatically documents any legal matter with photographic evidence in a few minutes.  You can add a description, notes and also highlight any photo for review.

Capture up to 20 Photos Per Event

Review Every Photo and Add Notes

PHOTECTOR Does The Rest!

Don't Be Caught Without Photographic Proof

It's time to protect yourself - prove you didn't do the damage

Don’t be bullied by the large corporations that blame you for damage when you rent a car, truck, equipment or moving truck!  Protect yourself with PHOTECTOR!


Optical character recognition automatically works for you in real-time 

Request Photo Evidence from Clients with an Event Request

Quickly and easily request photo evidence with PHOTECTOR’s Event Request… no requester account required.

As a law firm it is important to have irrefutable proof. Why not make collecting and storing it easier with PHOTECTOR.

What’s Blockchain and Why It’s Important to You and Your Clients

Every PHOTECTOR Event you capture has Blockchain technology that provides irrefutable photographic proof. That proof captures the Date and Time, GPS location along with your device’s metadata including all photographic metadata.  When submitted, the event grabs a public hash from the blockchain and secures your event immutably and stores on your account and accessible online 24/7.  Everything is organized automatically for you.  Just relax and focus on capturing events.

To learn more, watch our quick video to see how Blockchain protects you with each event you take.

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