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November 15, 2018

It Only takes a Minute to be Protected by Photector app

It is quick and easy to sign up for the Photector App and get a 14-day free trial.  With the help of this short video, you’ll be up and running and protected right away.

There is nothing like “trying before you buy”.  That’s why I am offering a 14-day free trial.  Don’t risk another day on the road without the irrefutable photo evidence of damage-free deliveries.  Don’t get stuck with damage claims that weren’t your fault.

Photector has your back! Test drive Photector with a 14-day FREE Trial and schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration today!

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Photector Is Changing The Way Companies Protect Themselves

  • Find out how to prevent damage claims you didn't cause
  • Squeeze more profit out of every trip
  • Save time, hassle & relationships
  • Securely Document the State of Equipment

What's a Photector Event?

A Photector Event is the combination of Date, Time, GPS Location, OCR, Blockchain, and up to 20 high resolution photographs.

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