October 18, 2018

PEIR Named in FreightTech 100 for 2018

FreightWave’s named PEIR in their Freight.Tech 100, a list of the 100 most innovative and disruptive companies in the freight industry.

“The 2018 Freight.Tech 100 Awards were a great success,” stated FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller. “More than 500 companies were nominated for the awards, and those selected were among the most innovative and dedicated companies in the industry.”

Companies are nominated by the peers who recognize innovation in action everyday.

In 2018, an independent panel of judges narrowed the more than 500 nominations to 100 companies that comprised the inaugural Freight.Tech 100. Those 100 companies were judged by the external panel of industry executives, academics and investors, all of whom ranked their top 25 companies in the Freight.Tech 100 on a 1-25 point basis.

Congratulations to PEIR for winning this important and prestigious award as a new product in its first year of deployment. PEIR’s contributions to innovating the freight processes have improved our industry.

Note: PEIR re-branded to Photector in early 2019.
Update: Photector has been chosen for a 2nd year in a row for the FreightTech 100 award – Read Article

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