PEIR brings savings and peace of mind to transportation and logistics industry

* Shipping containers make approximately 200 million trips per year;
* Ports, Trucking Companies, Rail Terminals, Distribution Centers and Container Depots can now better manage labor, legal and insurance costs relating to damaged shipping containers;
* PEIR™ first to integrate Blockchain and digital image technology;
* On display at IANA Intermodal Expo September 17th

HENDERSON, NV, September 17, 2017 — TCompanies today announced the release of PEIR™, a new technology advancement that will help the transportation and logistics industry better assign costs based on responsibility for damaged shipping containers. PEIR™ (Photo Equipment Interchange Receipt) will be on display at the IANA Intermodal Expo (booth #631) in Long Beach, California, starting September 17, 2017.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, lower costs and many nights of better sleep for anyone working with shipping containers,” said Tom Burke, CEO of TCompanies. “There are an estimated 17 million metal shipping containers in the world, making approximately 200 million trips a year, so it’s not surprising that large numbers are damaged at some point during transit. And the process in determining who was at fault for the damage, is a problem in terms of man hours and potential legal costs for all involved in interchange points: ports, trucking companies, rail terminals, distribution centers and container depots. PEIR™ solves this problem with visible, irrefutable recordable evidence within Blockchain.”

The old way
Currently, a trucking company delivers the empty container to a container depot after being unloaded, ending its worldwide travel assignment. The container depot inspects the container and punches vague codes into a hand held computer or on a piece of paper, similar to the piece of paper you get when documenting rental car damage. The container enters the yard damaged and an estimate is written off the interchange codes and sent to the steamship company for approval. The steamship company will typically come back to the depot and ask them to go out into the yard and take pictures as proof of damage. The repair manager must leave their desk, drive out into the yard, find the container, take pictures, come back into the office, download the pictures and send them to the steamship company.

Then they will work back through all the container interchange points to see who is at fault and who will pay. If there are disputes, the long process of emails and telephone calls begins.

The PEIR™ Way

The PEIR™ process is easy, quick and provides protection against false container damage claims

With PEIR™, there are no more “missed” damages or questions about when, where, who and the condition of the equipment at the point of interchange. PEIR™ streamlines the inspection and documentation into a quick and reliable mobile app process. PEIR™’s patent pending process establishes a verifiable photographic record for the equipment being interchanged between parties and the record is provable with the Bitcoin Blockchain.

After a simple registration process, the user downloads the application to a mobile device, logs in, and is ready to start. Personnel at inspection points or truck drivers in the field are guided through the inspection process with a step-by-step set of prompts. The documentation of equipment numbers is verified through the PEIR™ automated identification process.

Point a mobile device’s camera at the truck, chassis or container number, snap a picture when prompted, and the necessary information is instantly collected from the image. By answering all preliminary questions, PEIR™ is able to determine what images will be necessary to document the equipment at hand. During this process, any damage on the equipment can be flagged and identified for later use.

Before the interchange is completed, a summary is provided for the user to review and revise if necessary.

Within minutes, the entire report is then available through a Blockchain-enabled web app allowing authorized users to trace the history and images associated with the equipment. The verification system that establishes the time, date and authenticity of the photos of a container is tamper-proof and based on patent pending technology.

With PEIR™, inspecting and documenting the interchange of equipment no longer needs to be a difficult, time consuming process. PEIR™ users can quickly save on costs by securely documenting the state of the equipment when received or when they handed it off to another party during the interchange process.

In summary:

  • PEIR™ field training only takes a few minutes;
  • Any Android or Apple phone with camera works;
  • The date, time and exact location is automatically entered;
  • The verification system is tamper-proof by way of Blockchain technology. This permanent, irrefutable record is accomplished in the field within a few minutes by the driver or inspector at minimal cost;
  • The PEIR™ WebApp interface is easy to use with forwarding capabilities;
  • There is 24/7 online access to interchange history;
  • PEIR™ provides positive proof against damage claims or resulting litigation.

To view the PEIR™ demonstration video, or learn more about PEIR™, go to

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