May 30, 2019

Why 32% of Companies Pay Damage Claims they Didn’t Cause

32% of owner/operators and fleet managers with less than 100 trucks, admit they reluctantly paid for damage claims that they did not cause, according a recent survey by the Silicon Valley Research Group.

The survey found that companies pay 2-4 damage claims per truck per month and that the average claim is $1452.  That can add up fast.

Why would a company pay for damage they didn’t cause?

“I wanted to keep the contract with the company/keep my job,” was the number one reason given by 44% of the respondents, even though it cut into their profit.

43% found it was easier and less time consuming to pay than to not pay.  They cut their loses to avoid spending weeks in disagreements.

Some companies have poor documentation practices.  38% don’t take photos during interchanges, the survey found, so they have no way of proving their innocence.

Even the 63% of companies that take photos still end up paying for unfair claims 24% of the time because they can’t find the right photo documentation when the claims arrive.

Gathering, labeling, organizing and storing hundreds of photos per day can be a time-consuming and tedious task.  When they can’t find the right photos they are stuck paying the claims.

There is a new app, Photector, that solves all of these issues. Drivers use Photector to snap up to 50 photos of the container or trailer at each interchange.  The photos are automatically stored in the secure cloud which records the date, time. location, container ID, seal number and condition.

This video shows how easy it is.

Photector uses Blockchain technology to ensure the photos and facts are unchangeable and cannot be faked. When damage claims arise, the responsible party can be easily determined with irrefutable photo evidence.  That saves business relationships without wasting everyone’s time or hurting the bottom-line.

Photector manages photo storage instantly and automatically.  The photos can be retrieved in seconds at the tip of the users fingertips by searching on the container ID or the seal number.  No more paying claims simply because you couldn’t find the right photos.

Photector is revolutionizing the TLS industry by attributing damages to the responsible party while saving time managing ton of photos.  You’ll love how easy it is to use and how much money it saves you instantly.

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Photector Is Changing The Way Companies Protect Themselves

  • Find out how to prevent damage claims you didn't cause
  • Squeeze more profit out of every trip
  • Save time, hassle & relationships
  • Securely Document the State of Equipment

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A Photector Event is the combination of Date, Time, GPS Location, OCR, Blockchain, and up to 20 high resolution photographs.

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