Photector Works Across All Industries

Photector can be used in a multitude of uses in any industry.  We highlight a few industries that can use Photector today to protect their company assets, employees and clients.

There are an estimated 17 million shipping containers moving worldwide. The containers do an estimated 200 million trips a year. If just 1 out of 10 of those containers sustained damage during each cycle, that would leave an estimated 20 million containers with damage that someone would be held responsible for. If you figure in the number of parties a single container is interchanged between for each trip, let’s say 5 interchanges, there would be one hundred million interchange points to look for a responsible party.

PEIR™ - Photo • Equipment • Interchange • Receipt

Parking violation appeals are up across the country. Photector has found a way for cities and municipalities the arm themselves with new technology to fight these appeals. In a few minutes enforcement officer can get irrefutable photo documentation that includes date , time, and GPS stamps. Protector gives parking enforcement officers the tools to validate any violation that occurs with documentation into a quick and reliable mobile process.

Insurance Companies use Photector to protect the integrity of the items they are insuring. Use Photector as an incentive for car insurance to give to your drivers. Insurance companies can use Photector to document the state of property they are insuring especially in a hurricane, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and flood effected areas. Don’t insure any assets without first having irrefutable proof with Photector!

Law Enforcement deals with evidence and massive amounts of paperwork and often times evidence could get lost in transition or a case can’t find the right document quickly. With Photector all documents and evidence are recorded using photos which are uploaded to our dashboard to be viewed by any law enforcement officials with access. Law Enforcement can use Photector to photo document with GPS, and timestamp any evidence they may have of a crime or claim being taken forth against another party or person. Photector is ready to give law enforcement the evidence and proof it needs to win cases.


How many times as a property manager have you been stuck paying the bill for damage you couldn’t prove a tenant did? Instead of using paper and pen to document the state of an apartment house or condo before a tenant takes over use photos! With Photector you will have irrefutable proof of the state of an apartment, house or condo before you rent it out. That way you can be sure what damage was already there and what damage was committed by the tenant. Guard yourself against getting stuck with the bill for damage.


Protect your property and Guest with Photector’s technology. Many incidents happen in the hospitality business whether it be property damages or incidents with guests. The Photector patent pending process enables you to photo document any of these events with our irrefutable blockchain technology. Our technology will speed up the process of holding those accountable for any incident that might have occurred and protect the industry in unfounded litigation.

Instantly Protect yourself with Photector. Before you rent out a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or any of your company’s important assets. Before you rent or lease out any of your valuable property make sure to use Photector to document the condition of these properties. Once you use Photector’s Blockchain patent pending technology, you will have irrefutable evidence if any damage happens to occur during the rental or leasing process.

Before starting a job or accepting ownership of any construction equipment, take a before and after to document the state of your construction equipment interchange to safe guard yourself against invalid charge backs, and damages that you weren’t responsible for and against possible litigation from owners of the equipment or job site.


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