Property Management

Protect Your Managed HOA’s with Photector

Violations Made Easy

How many times as a property manager have you been stuck paying the bill for damage you couldn’t prove a tenant did? Instead of using paper and pen to document the state of an apartment house or condo before a tenant takes over… utilize Photector! With Photector, you will have irrefutable proof of the state of an apartment, house or condo before you rent it out. That way you can be sure what damage was already there and what damage was committed by the tenant. Safeguard your assets against getting stuck with the bill for damages you can prove they caused.

Photector streamlines the inspection and documentation into a quick and reliable mobile process. Photector’s patent pending process establishes a verifiable photographic record for property management being interchanged between parties and the record is provable with Blockchain technology.

Use Photector for property management with:

  • Pre-Rental Inspections
  • Before and after any construction work is done in the unit
  • Before and after any work is done to the grounds or common areas
  • Document any damages and catalog them by unit number
  • No more trying to find pre-inspection paperwork
  • Document the state of equipment in the unit (washer & dryer, appliances..)
  • Document any damage after the tenant has moved out
  • and much more… (the possibility are endless!)

Photector is Easy to Use

Just point, shoot and submit!  Photector automatically documents any property management matter  within a few minutes. You can add a description, notes and also highlight any photo for review.

Capture up to 20 Photos Per Event
Review Every Photo and Add Notes
Photector Does The Rest for You!

Breakthrough technology, Beneficial tools

Seamlessly integrated functionality you can use.


Optical character recognition makes text and numbers in photos searchable anytime, anywhere.

Secures photo documentation, providing traceability and tamper-proof documentation, reducing risk and fraud.

Provides seamless sharing to your organization or external company.  No password required.  No local storage.

Here’s a few examples how Photector works within Property Management

Rental Homes

Photector allows property management companies the ability to document with photographic evidence the condition of their properties before and after a tenant takes possession.

This allows property management companies to have clear cut evidence of the condition of a property and all the content’s, uploaded to the cloud and easily searchable for review anytime.

No more paper inspections or searching for a home inspection. With Photector, the inspection is always at your finger-tips.  Our technology allows the property management to send an email or text to the tenant to document something that needs to be repaired.

Vacation Rentals

Airbnb and VRBO have revolutionized the way we travel to our favorite destinations. Now with Photector vacation rental companies and individuals listing their homes on vacation rental websites have the peace of mind with photo documentation technology from Photector.

Renters can be sent a photo documentation link directly to their phone to document the condition and contents of the vacation rental. This allows vacation rental companies to obtain photographic proof of condition of home and contents allowing for more damage charge backs.

Violations / Incidents

Photector’s technology will allow HOA’s or management companies the ability to photograph any violation of the rental agreement of any property with timestamp and GPS location quicker than the old school way.

Property management will be armed with the technology to take photos of any resident dispute with irrefutable evidence of the event.

Management will also have the Photector technology to photograph any suspicious activity involving residents that will be documented in real-time which cannot be altered or changed for any dispute.

You protect yourself by collecting a security deposit. Why not be able to collect on that security deposit for damage left by the tenant?

“Properties are being better taken care of when tenants know someone is watching…”

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    Photector is the best way to capture, store, and share photo documentation of any exchange. Reduce searching and backtracking for photo evidence, bring your photo documentation into one secure, central place, for easy sharing and tamper-proof storage. Taking, storing and sharing photo documentation is easy, even for people who don’t have Photector.