Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Use Photector To Protect The Chain of Evidence

Law Enforcement deals with evidence and massive amounts of paperwork and often evidence could get lost in transition or a case can’t find the right document quickly. With Photector all documents and evidence are recorded using photos which are uploaded to our dashboard to be viewed by any law enforcement officials with access. Law Enforcement can use Photector to photo document with GPS and timestamp any evidence they may have of a crime or claim being taken forth against another party or person. Photector is ready to give law enforcement the evidence and proof it needs to win cases.

Photector streamlines the inspection and documentation into a quick and reliable mobile process. Photector’s patent pending process establishes a verifiable photographic record for Law Enforcement being interchanged between parties and the record is provable with Blockchain technology.

Use Photector in law enforcement including:

  • Photos of all documents relating to a case
  • Document any evidence related to the case
  • Keep track of all paperwork for lawyers and clients
  • Easily access all case information that has been uploaded
  • Easily document changes in circumstances
  • Parking and Code Violations
  • Private Investigations
  • Security for Events or Associations
  • and much more… (the possibility are endless!)

Photector is Easy to Use

Just point, shoot and submit!  Photector automatically documents any law enforcement matters with photographic evidence in a few minutes.  You can add a description, notes and also highlight any photo for review.

Capture up to 20 Photos Per Event
Review Every Photo and Add Notes
Photector Does The Rest for You!

Breakthrough technology, Beneficial tools

Seamlessly integrated functionality you can use.


Optical character recognition makes text and numbers in photos searchable anytime, anywhere.

Secures photo documentation, providing traceability and tamper-proof documentation, reducing risk and fraud.

Provides seamless sharing to your organization or external company.  No password required.  No local storage.

Here’s a few examples how Photector works within Law Enforcement


The Photector technology enables officers to document events in real-time. With a tap of the app,  officers can to take time, date, and GPS location tagged photos of any incident that occurs while on duty.

Officers will be able to use Photector take high definition photos of the scene of the accident.

Evidence gathering

Photector’s state of the art technology will allow officers and investigators the ease of photo documentation on any investigation. The Blockchain technology produces photos that cannot be altered and are admissible in court.

Officers can document any and all domestic disputes with the safety and security of the Blockchain technology.

Traffic Violations

With Photector’s technology, officers will be able to take photos of any vehicles that are in violation and those photos will be time stamped with GPS location.

Officers will also be able to use Photector’s OCR technology to photograph license plates that will enable the photos to be tagged to the appropriate vehicle.

The Photector technology allows officers to take clear photos of any posted signs that reflect the violation.

You protect citizens. Why not guarantee evidence accuracy with Photector?

“We are having more violations held up in court then ever before…”

Find out for yourself how Photector is

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    Photector is the best way to capture, store, and share photo documentation of any exchange. Reduce searching and backtracking for photo evidence, bring your photo documentation into one secure, central place, for easy sharing and tamper-proof storage. Taking, storing and sharing photo documentation is easy, even for people who don’t have Photector.