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October 31, 2018

Shippers’ 7 Best Practices to avoid Damage Claim Hassles

I hear it from shippers all the time.  “My product leaves my dock in perfect condition and comes back destroyed and I don’t know what happened.”  For shippers, following a few best practices can prevent weeks of hassles with damage claims.

  1. Before the shipment leaves the dock, document the condition with photos.
  2. Take photos of the cargo before it was loaded into the container.
  3. Take photos of the cargo, blocking and bracing inside the container showing it is intact before sealing the container.
  4. Take photos of the container after being loaded.
  5. Take photos of the door shut and the seal being applied.
  6. Make sure to get a clear photo of the seal number that is readable so it can be used for future reference.
  7. By using Photector and requesting that your carrier use it too, the source of the damage can be pinpointed quickly and accurately so the right party can be charged for the damage right away.

Every time you ship a load, you need these photos to document that the cargo, container and seal was in good condition when it left your dock.

If damage occurs during shipping, you’ll have a solid basis for creating damage claims to the right link in the supply chain, not just blanketing all parties (or worse, eating the cost yourself).

With the number of shipments leaving your dock daily, keeping track of all the photos and finding the right ones when you need them can be cumbersome.  Luckily, there is a revolutionary new app that makes it quick and easy.

With the Photector app downloaded on any Android or iPhone, you capture an EVENT which includes the date, time, GPS location and up to 20 high resolution photos.  The Photector app stores them in the cloud with  Blockchain authentication making EVERY interchange EVENT irrefutable, unchangeable, fake-proof and trustworthy.  The seal number is automatically recorded so it is easy to search and find the right photos when damage is reported.

Check out this short video.

With over $1.8 billion dollars in damage claims annually, you could be getting charged for damages that others caused.

Get the photo-proof you need to resolve damage claims with a 14-day FREE Trial and schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration. By using these 7 best practices and Photector, the only thing you have to lose is damage claim hassles and headaches.

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