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October 25, 2019 FreightWaves names Photector for the 2020 FreightTech 100
This week, FreightWaves announced the winners of its 2020 FreightTech 100 award and among the winners, Photector was selected again for the 2nd year in a row. The FreightTech 100 highlights [...]
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October 5, 2019 Photector Surpasses 1 Million Events
This week marks a huge milestone for Photector and our entire team is ecstatic – We just surpassed 1 million events being recorded on our platform. If you didn’t already [...]
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September 25, 2019 Container Interchange Changes Liability to You
“Container Interchange” is a transportation industry term for when a container, trailer or piece of equipment is passed between two parties. That’s an “interchange.” An “interchange” also passes the legal [...]
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September 18, 2019 Faking Damage Photos is Easy. Watch Out!
When thousands of dollars are at stake for equipment damage or container damage, don’t trust just any photos.  A 5th grader can fake photos these days. Anyone can fake photos [...]
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September 9, 2019 Photector Innovates Freight Industry 7 Ways
Photector innovates the freight industry in 7 ways… Photos are more powerful and informative than handwritten diagrams and notes. Photector uses cell phone digital photos snapped during freight packing, loading [...]
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September 4, 2019 Deadlines Matter… Get Paid For Damage Claims!
How long do you have to file container damage claims? Missing filing deadlines and lack of evidence are reasons shippers and equipment owners don’t get paid for damages.  Promptness and [...]
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August 27, 2019 Who’s Responsible for Damage Claims?
It’s a common challenge that plays out every day in TLS—but there didn’t used to be an elegant solution for solving it. It goes something like this… “Marco” from “Midwest [...]
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August 21, 2019 Lost Interchange Photos Cost Big Bucks
In order to reduce costs associated with damage claims they didn’t cause, a recent survey of TLS owner/operators and fleet managers with less than 100 trucks reported that 62% take photos [...]
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August 14, 2019 Stopping Damage Claims is as Easy as 1-2-3
Protecting your business and reputation against unfair damage claims is as easy as 1-2-3 with the new game-changing tool, Photector. 1. Capture photos. Use Photector to capture up to 20 photos [...]
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August 7, 2019 3 Ways to Avoid the Liability of Damages
  There are three key ways to avoid the liability of cargo and container damage. First, make sure that you aren’t blamed for damage that occurred before you picked up [...]
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