May 2, 2019

Stop Damage Claims in Their Tracks

Is your company one of the 44% that pay damage claims you know you didn’t cause just to keep the customer?

Or part of the 42% that pay unfair damage claims because it is quicker and easier than fighting them?

Or part of the 37% the don’t take photos at interchanges to protect your bottom-line?

If so, Photector will help you stop unfair damage claims from wrecking your company.

You can quickly snap photos at the interchange and Photector stores them along with the location and time in the cloud using Blockchain security, so that nothing is ever altered or faked.

When damage claims come in, you can find the right photos in seconds by searching on the container ID.  You’ll immediately have the proof you need that the damage did not occur while in your possession.

You can politely deny the claim with photo facts, keeping the customer relationship intact while saving your bottom-line.

Now you can stop unfair damage claims in their tracks. Test drive Photector with a 14-day FREE Trial and schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration today!

Photector Is Changing The Way Companies Protect Themselves

  • Find out how to prevent damage claims you didn't cause
  • Squeeze more profit out of every trip
  • Save time, hassle & relationships
  • Securely Document the State of Equipment

What's a Photector Event?

A Photector Event is the combination of Date, Time, GPS Location, OCR, Blockchain, and up to 20 high resolution photographs.

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