July 31, 2019

Transportation Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Latest Trends


How well do you know the latest trends in the transportation industry?

Question 1:  What is the #1 concern of owner/operators and fleet managers right now?

A. Staffing of techs, logistics and sales people

B. Trade wars

C. Truck and driver shortage

D. Rates

Question 2: Of all the damage claims paid by a trucking company, how often did that company actually cause the damage?

A. 98% of the time

B. 53% of the time

C. 47% of the time

D. 28% of the time

Question 3: Last month, how many damage claims did your company pay per truck that wasn’t your fault?

A. zero

B. 1-2

C. 3-4

D. 4-5

Question 4: How much does an average container/trailer damage claim cost?

A. $895

B. $1452

C. $2383

D. $2764

Question 5:  How often do trucking companies end up paying for damage claims because they can’t find the photos and documentation to dispute them?

A. 4% of the time

B. 9% of the time

C. 17% of the time

D. 24% of the time


A recent survey by the Silicon Valley Research Group of owner/operators and fleet managers, found the following answers:

Answer 1: The #1 concern continues to be “C” Truck and Driver Shortage followed by “A” Staffing of other positions, trade war and rates.

Answer 2: “D” only 28% of the time did the company actually cause the damages they paid.  That means that most of the claims they are paying are someone else’s fault.

Answer 3: “C” 3-4 times per truck last month.  That’s a lot of unfair claims that weren’t their fault.

Answer 4: The average cost of a damage claim is “B” $1452 (with some claims being twice as much)

Answer 5: “D” 24% of the time companies end up paying for damage claims because they can’t find the photos and documentation.

The numbers reported from this survey depict a silent epidemic of damage claims being charged to the wrong parties.  It is unfair and hurts profits. Don’t let that happen to you!

Your company can protect itself from unfair damage claims and all those costs simply by using Photector. By snapping a few photos on your phone of the container or trailer when picking up and dropping off, you’ll have photo proof that you didn’t cause the damage.

Photector stores your phones instantly in the cloud using Blockchain technology so the photos, date, location and condition cannot be altered or faked. When you get a damage claim, the photos are right at your fingertips with a simple container ID search.  The photos prove it wasn’t you, so you can deny the claim and still keep a good relationship with your customer.

You can test drive Photector with a 14-day FREE Trial, visit www.PHOTECTOR.com to chat with us, or schedule a one-on-one demo today!

Photector Is Changing The Way Companies Protect Themselves

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